Alexander of Aphrodisias: On Aristotle Prior Analytics: 1.8-13

(4.5/5) - 338 ratings
Authors: Mueller, Ian, Aristotle., Aristotle, Aristote., Gould, Josiah B., of Aphrodisias. Alexander
Publisher: Bristol Classical Press;Duckworth
Genre: Unknown
Pages: 188
Language: english
Year: 1999
ISBN 10: 1780938802
ISBN 13: 978-1-7809-3881-3
Series: Ancient commentators on Aristotle
Edition: Unknown
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The commentary of Alexander of Aphrodisias on Aristotle's Prior Analytics 1.8-22 is the main ancient commentary, by the 'greatest' commentator, on the chapters of the Prior Analytics in which Aristotle invented modal logic - the logic of propositions about what...