Telemedicine in Dermatology

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Authors: Soyer H.P., Binder M., Smith A.C., Wurm E.M.T. (Editors)
Publisher: Unknown
Pages: Unknown
Language: english
Year: Unknown
ISBN 10: Unknown
ISBN 13: Unknown
Series: Unknown
Edition: Unknown
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Springer: 2012. -201 p. ISBN 978-3-642-20800-3 e-ISBN 978-3-642-20801-0Introduction to TeledermatologyInternational ExperienceTeledermatology: The Atlantic ExperienceHealth Management Practice as a Method to Introduce Teledermatology: Experiences from the NetherlandsTelederm AustraliaTeledermatology in PakistanTeledermatology in Developing CountriesClinical PracticeTeledermatopathologyTeledermoscopyTele-Reflectance Confocal MicroscopyMobile TeledermatologySkin Emergency TelemedicineTelewoundcareTelepsoriasisSkin Cancer TelemedicineReal-Life...