Chemical Reaction Engineering and Reactor Technology

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Authors: Mikkola, Jyri-Pekka, Salmi, Tapio O., Warna, Johan P.
Publisher: CRC Press
Genre: Unknown
Pages: 638
Language: english
Year: 2010
ISBN 10: Unknown
ISBN 13: 9781439894859
Series: Chemical industries.
Edition: Unknown
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IntroductionPreliminary StudiesLaboratory ExperimentsAnalysis of the Experimental ResultsSimulation of Reactor ModelsInstallation of a Pilot-Plant Unit Construction of the Facility in Full ScaleStoichiometry and KineticsStoichiometric MatrixReaction KineticsHomogeneous ReactorsReactors for Homogeneous ReactionsHomogeneous Tube Reactor with a Plug FlowHomogeneous Tank Reactor with Perfect MixingHomogeneous...