The Life of Saint Symeon the New Theologian

(5/5) - 309 αξιολογήσεις
Συγγραφείς: Niketas Stethatos, Richard Greenfield (trans.)
Εκδότης: Dumbarton Oaks
Είδος: History
Σελίδες: 422
Γλώσσα: greek
Ετος: 2013
ISBN 10: Αγνωστος
ISBN 13: 978-0-674-05798-2
Σειρά: Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library 20
Εκδοση: Αγνωστος
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Today the Byzantine mystic, writer, and monastic leader Symeon the New Theologian (ca. 949 to 1022 CE) is considered a saint by the Orthodox Church and revered as one of its most influential spiritual thinkers. But in his own time...