The Learned Banqueters, Volume VI: Books 12-13.594b

(4.8/5) - 325 αξιολογήσεις
Συγγραφείς: Athenaeus, S. Douglas Olson
Εκδότης: Harvard University Press
Είδος: Unknown
Σελίδες: 464
Γλώσσες: greek, english
Ετος: 2010
ISBN 10: 0674996399
ISBN 13: 9780674996397
Σειρά: Loeb Classical Library
Εκδοση: Αγνωστος
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In The Learned Banqueters, Athenaeus describes a series of dinner parties at which the guests quote extensively from Greek literature. The work (which dates to the very end of the second century CE) is amusing reading and of extraordinary...