Ars Topica: The Classical Technique of Constructing Arguments from Aristotle to Cicero

(4.8/5) - 390 αξιολογήσεις
Συντάκτης: Dr Sara Rubinelli (auth.)
Εκδότης: Springer Netherlands
Είδος: Technique > Construction
Σελίδες: 160
Γλώσσες: english, greek (modern)
Ετος: 2009
ISBN 10: 1402095481
ISBN 13: 9781402095498
Σειρά: Argumentation Library 15
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Ars Topica is the first full-length study of the nature and development of topoi, the conceptual ancestors of modern argument schemes, between Aristotle and Cicero.Aristotle and Cicero configured topoi in a way that influenced the subsequent tradition. Their work on...