The corpse washer

(4.7/5) - 389 تقييم
ؤلفون: Antoon, Sinan
الناشر: Yale University Press
النوع: Unknown
الصفحات: 185
اللغات: english, arabic
عام: 2013
ISBN 10: 0300190603
ISBN 13: 978-0-300-19060-1
سلسلة: Margellos world republic of letters book
طبعة: مجهول
قام 6٬113 شخص بتنزيل هذا الكتاب مجانًا


Young Jawad, born to a traditional Shi'ite family of corpse washers and shrouders in Baghdad, decides to abandon the family tradition, choosing instead to become a sculptor, to celebrate life rather than tend to death. He enters Baghdad’s Academy of...