Ibāḍī Texts from the 2nd/8th Century

(4.8/5) - 346 تقييم
ؤلفون: Abdulrahman al-Salimi, Wilferd Madelung
الناشر: Brill
النوع: Religion
الصفحات: 392
لغة: arabic
عام: 2018
ISBN 10: مجهول
ISBN 13: 9789004330658
سلسلة: Islamic History and Civilization, 133
طبعة: مجهول
قام 6٬435 شخص بتنزيل هذا الكتاب مجانًا


In Ibāḍī Texts from the 2nd/8th Century Abdulrahman Al-Salimi and Wilferd Madelung present an edition of fourteen Ibāḍī religious texts and explain their contents and extraordinary source value for the early history of Islam. The Ibāḍīs constitutes the moderate wing...