Contemplation of the Holy Mysteries: The Mashahid al-asrar of Ibn ‘Arabi

(4.8/5) - 355 تقييم
ؤلفون: Ibn 'Arabi, Cecilia Twinch, Pablo Beneito
الناشر: Anqa Publishing
النوع: Unknown
الصفحات: 138
لغة: arabic
عام: 2008
ISBN 10: 1905937024
ISBN 13: 9781905937028
سلسلة: مجهول
طبعة: مجهول
قام 6٬193 شخص بتنزيل هذا الكتاب مجانًا


A major work of mystical literature, this account focuses on 14 visions in the form of dramatic conversations with the divine, interspersed with dazzling visionary episodes regarding the nature of existence, humans' relationship with reality, and the way to achieve true...