From playground to prostitute : based on a true story of salvation

(4.5/5) - 358 graderings
Skrywers: Berg, Hykie, Hough-Coetzee, Jaco, Kruger, Elanie, Lugt, Jozua van der
Uitgewer: Jonathan Ball Publishers;Delta Publishers
Genre: Unknown
Bladsye: 215
Tale: english, afrikaans
Jaar: 2015
ISBN 10: 1928248012
ISBN 13: 978-1-928248-02-6
Reeks: Onbekend
Uitgawe: 1st English ed
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After a desperate and impoverished childhood Engela, as a rebellious teenager, becomes mixed up with Satanism, alcohol and drugs. She eventually flees to Bloemfontein because the leader of the Satanic Group 13 wants to kill her. Her path crosses with...