Aspects of a Grammar of Makary Kotoko (Chadic, Cameroon)

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Skrywer: Allison S.D.
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Tale: afrikaans, english
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USA: University of Colorado, 2012. — 606 p.Эллисон С. Д. Вопросы грамматики языка макари котоко (чадская группа, Камерун).Introduction.Phonology.Allomorphy.Word classes and grammatical markers.Noun morphology.Noun phrase.Thing.Adverbs and Ideophones.Prepositions and locative specifiers.Aspect / mode coding.Verb morphology.Comparison.Negation.Interrogatives.Imperatives and Commands.Information structure.Relative clauses.Reported speech.Combining clauses.Appendices. Tables.Makary...