Amharic Conversation for English Speakers – a primary book

(5/5) - 331 graderings
Skrywers: Hailu B., Wobbersu H., Assefa E.
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Tale: afrikaans, english
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First published: 2011.Source language: English.Target language: Amharic.Хайлу Б., Уобберсу Х., Ассефа Э. Амхарский разговорник для англоязычных: основы языка.Table of Contents:Introduction.Basic Amharic.Introducing One Another.Telephone Conversation.Shopping Conversation.Hotel Conversation.Cab Conversation.Relationship Conversation.Numerical Conversation.Time Telling.Common commands and Requests.Common Combiners.Proverbs.A Must Visit Places in Ethiopia.A Must...